Music is the key, so many german heavy bands are out there and only a few people know them. We were like check out this Facebook page or that bandcamp page or search youtube for great unknown bands. In the end we searched for samplers of only german bands – but we didn’t find a real good one. So DeadClockWork decided to put out some compilations from time to time. The release of the compilation will be only digital via bandcamp, but we wanna keep it for free. Let’s show the rest of the world, what’s going on in Germany. So spread the music, the love and the peace.

We start the first compilation for our very own favorite genre STONER ROCK and PSYCHEDLIC ROCK. This sound really kicks our butts! So we startet a request for german stoner bands. And you can be sure about the existence of many cool bands out there. We received a lot of links to that different bands, and now we’ll check them out and try to assemble all that fantastic tracks.

We also have the next compilation in mind, thinking about a DOOM or DEATH METAL sampler  – so stay tuned.

And if you play in a cool german band and you wanna be part of our samplers, than submit your band right >> HERE <<